Who We Are?

We are a family of Artists including a 3D Artist/Visualizer/Animator and an Interior Designer. And we are looking forward to add more members to this family.

Our Mission

We want to create designs which are not just good in their self but they also spread Goodness.

Our Core Values

The meaning of Daryush, a Persian name, is Possessor of Goodness. We want to provide services of the quality that indicate our worthiness and significance of having this name.  

Considerations we make are:

Our Team

Malik Javed

Javed is the CEO of Daryush Designs. His capabilities include top notch modeling of Architecture, Interiors, custom furniture and lighting. Also he handles the Rendering, Animation and post production effects of the project. He has almost 3 years of experience in the field of 3D Art in various industry leading software.

” Architectural Visualization is my Passion though  I can handle pretty much anything in 3D-Alhamdolillah.”
                   -Malik Javed.

Izzat Fatima

Izzat is the Interior Designer in this team. Having a bachelor degree in arts she found interest in interior design so she also studied interior design. And we are happy to have her in our little family of designers after a few interesting and commendatory projects she have finished.